Buildwatch for Xcode

Track your builds.
Reclaim your time.

Buildwatch running over Xcode on a MacBook Pro.

Zoom in. Or out. Or don't, it's your life.

Toggle between hourly, daily, and weekly views right from the menu bar. Need a birds-eye view? Not a problem. Open the "More info" window and go all the way back to the beginning of time.

A Buildwatch window displays bar charts ranging back a year.

Pin stats that matter to you.

With just a glance at your menu bar, see how much time you spent building in Xcode today and how many times you've built your apps. Or, if you prefer, just display a minimal watch icon.

The Buildwatch preferences window. A drop-down menu lets you choose between three statistics to pin in the menu bar.

Show and tell.

Hover over any segment of a graph for a deeper look at the data behind it. We'll tell you how many builds there were and how long they took.

Totals aren't the total story.

Cycle between average build time, total build time, and number of builds by clicking the header anywhere in the app.

In the grand scheme of things...

Select from a dropdown of all your recent projects to get detailed stats, or combine all your schemes to see the bigger picture.

The Buildwatch month detail window. The bar charts are the same color instead of segmented into different color, marking different schemes.

Not just for novices.

Use the default derived data location if you're new to Xcode, or customize it for your setup if you're a pro who needs a little extra control.

The Buildwatch setup assistant prompting the user to choose between the default Derived Data folder or a custom location.

Start logging at login.

Check a box in Settings to make sure Buildwatch is running before you get your morning coffee. That way, you'll never miss a single build.

Private, always.

We'll never track, sell, or even be able to see your data. Your apps are your business.